Jun 22 • 17M

Two Ecks

The Wednesday Audio #58

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A satirical and often maniacal look at internet hustle culture through the dark eyes of Wednesday evenings. If you’re looking for self-improvement, this isn’t it.
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Apparently to make a better podcast you need to make a faster podcast, you know, get it into peoples brains faster and get them thinking faster using that knowledge faster, you know, just working faster optimising themselves as human beings and self impr*vement, you know, nobody listens to podcasts at 1 ecks any more it’s all at 2 ecks I got told so Carlos told me to give it a bash and this is my episode at 2 ecks, you know, it might come across as a little bit crazy actually I’ve since realised that after recording the episode that when you don’t really breathe for an entire episode and when you take no breaks it comes across as a little bit manic and people can mistake that and probably rightly so for some kind of issue, you know, even though all you’re really trying to do is make a point that things that are sped up aren’t better and knowledge isn’t better the quicker you receive it, you know, and this obsession with everything being faster newer quicker better isn’t anything of the sort.

Anyway, it’s 2 ecks. This is what you all wanted. This is what podcast listeners want apparently. Blame them.