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Please never add "basic bitch" to the banned words bin.

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Worst episode yet. Because I’m now in the banned words bin. Unbelievable turn of events. Gutted.

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Where's the sad piano? I almost died laughing from "Jear claims" and I needed that boost of melancholy to contrast the feelings but I didn't get it. Shame.

I like the double beep idea and beeping beeps. It falls into recursion nicely and comp **nds well. I read in Atobic Hamits that comp**nding is good. That Clames Jear guy must had known something before writing the book ... Maybe a bus compounds as well? I mean, while staying on a bus, you get used to it and later you leave the bus the worse it will be for you because all the time spent on the but was not without a good reason - it actually meant something, something significant, significant for you, for the bus and for rest of the passengers, supposedly sweaty crowd but perhaps it was just weird French perfume or the side effect of COVID when flowers start smelling like sweat, you know? But it's all getting too lyrical for just a normal bus talk and perhaps a bit too grandiose and nebulous for just an ordinary comment under another great episode of Wednesday podcast.


Esoterically yours,

Ivan (artist-formerly-known-as-John-№1)

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