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My answers to the 10 to the 20 quiz follow:

1 The main ingredient should be potted meat.

2 The shelf life of potted meat could be described as lonely and dark.

3 the answer to which of the following …is D.None of the above.

4 as of 10/4/23 there are 34

5 throw it in the incinerator

If by chance I failed to hear your questions correctly and you said ported meat or porked meat instead of potted meat I really have no clue as to what the answers might be.

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Even by WA standards this was pretty deranged.

Screaming ‘AI’ again and again was a particular highlight.

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Feels like it was scripted with CraigGPT

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Finally some 'orses in the WA. And 'orses ('osses?) playing snooker no less. What took you so long?

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