Aug 24 • 39M

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The Wednesday Audio #67

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A satirical and often maniacal look at internet hustle culture through the dark eyes of Wednesday evenings. If you’re looking for self-improvement, this isn’t it.
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You don’t even read this do you? You barely listen to the podcast, so there’s no chance you’re going to read these words. Imagine that. Somebody reading. That’s truly revolutionary int it. That’s not what happens around these parts. Sure, you’ll scan over some of these sentences. You might even laugh a little bit at some of em. Well, you might chuckle a bit. Or just do that shoulder shrug thing with a sharp intake of breath. I don’t expect a full-blown belly laugh.

Anyway, we’re wasting time. Just listen to the podcast and then pay me $9 because it’s so good.

P.S. I just worked with Vanya on this absolutely hilarious modern-day take on an old internet meme. Go listen.

Nova Nevedoma
(Audio) Reasoning With The Algorithm
Listen now (15 min) | Dear wanderer, Today’s episode is brought to you by Craig Burgess. The annals shall say this crispy piece of craftsmanship originated in the comment section of The Wednesday Audio episode #64, where I jokingly suggested the concept for what this piece could be and Craig and Thomas supported my idea. I thought, that one day I might do something like that…
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