May 4 • 42M

...then I found it (May the Fourth Double Feature Special Edition Remastered 2022 Edition)

The Wednesday Audio #51

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So about 50 episodes ago I started a new project. I decided to make a podcast about Wednesdays because my mate Tom said it might be quite fun to make a podcast about Wednesdays. I quickly realised that there wasn’t much material available out there for Wednesdays, so I had to start making note of this fact in my podcast about Wednesdays that there was now no content left about Wednesdays.

At some point, I think it was around 15 episodes, I started further referencing the fact that the podcast wasn’t about Wednesdays all that much any longer and had actually become satire. Around #40 I officially announced my new categorisation and fully leaned into this.

Then sometime from 40-50 there was this long gap of nothingness where I just mumbled through the episodes but for some reason people kept listening. I even began to write these intros to the podcast as quite self-referential pieces that spoke about the podcast and how the podcast wasn’t really about the podcast, at least not the original stated aim of Wednesdays.

Now, at episode 51, the podcast is a former shell of itself. Complete nonsense. No sense to be found anywhere. No points. Less points than a basketball game with no basketball.

But that’s OK.

It’s all OK.

You won’t read this anyway.

You barely listen to the podcast.