Sep 8, 2021 • 14M

Just Enough

The Wednesday Audio #17

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A satirical and often maniacal look at internet hustle culture through the dark eyes of Wednesday evenings. If you’re looking for self-improvement, this isn’t it.
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Happy Wednesday.

It’s a return to normal programming this week without Thomas.

In this week’s episode:

  • Mike starts Mike Wars

  • We await Mike’s response

  • John 1 gives feedback

  • John 2 tells a story

  • Tim hits a bird

  • We find out what James Clear’s top tip about creativity is

  • V*alue

  • C*nsistency

  • I talk about a*dience-b*ilding the right way

As always, send me in your nonsense. I love reading it. I love taking the piss out of it. I love you really.

Bye bye.