May 10 • 44M

It All Changes At An 'undred

The Wednesday Audio #100

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Craig Burgess
A satirical and often maniacal look at internet hustle culture through the dark eyes of Wednesday evenings. If you’re looking for self-improvement, this isn’t it.
Episode details

This is a comical summary of episode 100 of a podcast called "It All Changes At 100" written by AI.

This episode of "It All Changes At 100" is about a podcast that has reached its 100th episode. The hosts discuss various topics, including the importance of understanding user needs and the use of donkey lists. They also interview a guest named Felix Futzbucker and look at Naval's Twitter account.

The hosts also talk about their typing tips, such as practicing typing with your eyes closed and using a keyboard with a tactile indicator. They also discuss the banned words bin, which includes the word "meow" because of all the cats that constantly meow.

Overall, episode 100 is a celebration of the podcast's success, with the hosts looking back at the early days and how far they've come. It's a reminder that with hard work and dedication, anyone can achieve their goals, even if those goals involve talking about cats and typing with your eyes closed.